PayContactless Frequently Asked Questions

What is PayContactless?

PayContactless is a payment app that lets you make and receive in-store payments in a faster, safer, and contactless way.

PayContactless allows for touch-free payments from start to finish.

What can I use PayContactless for?

As a merchant, you can use PayContactless to receive contactless in-store payments from customers.

As a costumer, you can use PayContactless to make contactless payments.

Where can I get PayContactless?

PayContactless is available on App Store and Google PlayStore.

You only need to download the app, sign up and start making and receiving contactless payments within minutes.

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PayContactless for Business

How can I accept payment with PayContactless?

Accepting payments with PayContactless is simple

  • Open your PayContactless app

  • Enter payment amount

  • Enter payment description

  • Select payment method

  • Send the payment request

  • Customer accepts the payment request and authorizes with a secure transaction PIN

Can I use PayContactless for my business?

Yes. As long as your business accepts payment from customers, you can use PayContactless to make the process faster, safer and contactless.

Can I use PayContactless on my POS device?

If you already own a Smart POS terminal, PayContactless can be integrated to allow you to receive payments in a faster, cleaner, and contactless way.

Can I issue a receipt to my customers when they pay with PayContactless?

Yes, PayContactless generates a receipt for every transaction between you and your customers.

You can either choose to print out the physical receipt or issue them an electronic copy.

How do I let my customers know I accept payments with PayContactless?

We will provide you with a “Pay with PayContactless ” decal to display at your point of payment.

This will help customers know that you accept PayContactless.

PayContactless for Customers

Where can I use PayContactless?

You can use PayContactless to make payments in merchant outlets; grocery stores, restaurants, and other brick and mortar stores.

How can I make payment with PayContactless?

To make payment using PayContactless, the seller needs to initiate a payment request.

Once the seller initiates a payment request, you immediately get notified on your PayContactless app. Next, authorize the payment request initiated by the merchant with your secure transaction PIN.

How do I identify stores where I can make payments with PayContactless?

Look out for the “Pay with PayContacless” decal at the payment till of the stores you visit. If you are still unsure, simply ask the business if they use PayContactless.

Can I pay with PayContactless using my wearables?

Yes, PayContactless supports payment with wearables such as your smartwatch.