PayContactless for Business

A better way to receive payments

With PayContactless you can accept payments on your mobile device online and offline in a zero-contact way that ensures social distancing and safety.

PayContactless is like a POS terminal on your smart mobile device.

It’s a complete package!

The problem with payments today


Unsafe Handling of Cash

Excess cash in hand can easily be misplaced or mismanaged.

Rigid Payment Methods

There is a need for additional ways of accepting payments from customers

Delayed Settlements

There is delayed settlement on payments customers make when using devices like POS

Poor Network

Most available payment options are affected by poor internet connectivity which affects customers' ability to pay.

High Device Cost

The cost of acquiring additional POS devices can be high

PayContactless solves the payment problem

Cashless Payment

PayContactless ensures you no longer have to deal with excess cash

Multiple Payment Methods

PayContactless allows for Contactless Payments, USSD, QR Code among others

Instant Settlement

PayContactless ensures you receive your money as the customer pays.

Online and Offline Payment

PayContactless would work whether you are online or offline, at all times

Zero Acquisition Cost

PayContactless is setup on your mobile device with zero cost. Free, simple, safe and reliable

Contactless Payments

QR Code Payments

Payment Sent

Card Payments (Coming Soon)

USSD Payments

Already own a POS device? PayContactless can be integrated to allow you receive contactless payments

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PayContactless for business is available on Android devices only